ALBA Berlin Proves Distance Matters in the NBA

ALBA Berlin Proves Distance Matters in the NBA

In sports, there are many debates. Fans of opposing teams will argue about players, coaches, and games. No argument is more fervent than the debate about which league is better: the NBA or the EuroLeague.

The NBA has always been considered the superior league. It has the best players in the world, and its teams play in world-class arenas. The EuroLeague has always been considered a lesser league because its players are not as good as those in the NBA and its arenas are not as nice.

However, that may be changing. On Tuesday night, ALBA Berlin upset CSKA Moscow in the EuroLeague quarterfinals. This was not just any upset; it was an upset by a team from a much lower division. ALBA Berlin competes in Germany’s second-level Bundesliga, while CSKA Moscow competes in Russia’s top-level Premier League.

How could a team from a lower division beat a team from a higher division? The answer is simple: distance matters in the NBA.

The higher-level Russian Premier League is much closer to ALBA Berlin than the NBA is to CSKA Moscow. This means that CSKA Moscow had less time to practice and prepare for their game against ALBA Berlin than ALBA Berlin had to prepare for their game against CSKA Moscow.

CSKA Moscow had also played five more games than ALBA Berlin this season. This extra wear and tear on their players likely made them less sharp than ALBA Berlin going into their matchup. Additionally, because of the time difference between Russia and Germany, CSKA Moscow’s home games were played at midnight local time, while ALBA Berlin’s home games were played at 7pm local time. This gave ALBA Berlin an advantage both physically and mentally.

Distance matters in the NBA because its teams are spread out across North America. They have to travel long distances to play other teams, which makes it difficult for them to practice and prepare for games like CSKA Moscow can do in Russia. As a result, NBA teams often look tired and sloppy compared to EuroLeague teams.

This was evident in Tuesday night’s game between ALBA Berlin and CSKA Moscow. ALBA Berlin was clearly the better team and deserved to win. They played with more energy and cohesion than CSKA Moscow did, and they took advantage of CSKA Moscow’s mistakes.

Distance matters in the NBA, and that is why the EuroLeague is becoming a more competitive league every year

ALBA Berlin Shows How Far Trump Towers Is From Rivers Casino

The $2.4 billion project in downtown Pittsburgh, PA called “Trump Towers” is far from completion, but locals are already not happy with it. The sleek 70-story glass tower is a glaring reminder of the wealth and privilege of president Donald Trump and his family. Back in November, just after Trump was elected, some 6,000 people signed a petition to change the name of the building because they felt it was too closely linked to the divisive politician.

Now there’s another issue with Trump Towers: its location. The building is being erected on the site of the old 22-story Forbes Building which was imploded in August of 2017. The demolition left a hole in the ground so big that you can see it from miles away. Locals are now worried that all the dust and debris created by the demolition will end up in the Allegheny River which runs right next to Trump Towers.

Alba Berlin, a German sports apparel company, has now come up with an interesting solution to this problem. Alba has announced that it will be building a new $25 million facility just blocks away from Trump Towers which will house its distribution center and offices. This new facility will be powered by wind and solar energy, making it one of the most sustainable buildings in Pittsburgh.

What’s most impressive about this new facility is that it was built in just four months! Compare that to the two years it took for Trump Towers to get approved by the city council. It’s also worth noting that Alba Berlin’s new facility cost just 1/10th of what Trump Towers cost.

So why did Alba Berlin choose to build its new facility in Pittsburgh? According to CEO Heiko Schuldt, “We were looking for an environmentally friendly city with good infrastructure and a positive outlook for business.” Schuldt also said that he was impressed by Pittsburgh’s resolve to become a leader in green technology, something which is sorely needed given Donald Trump’s policies on climate change.

It’s clear that Alba Berlin is trying to send a message with its new facility: Trump Towers is not welcome in Pittsburgh! This message is even more powerful when you consider that Alba Berlin is one of the largest employers in the city. With over 1,000 workers, Alba Berlin has now become an important player in Pittsburgh’s economy and its voice will be heard loud and clear when it comes to politics and urban planning.

ALBA Berlin Beats Trump Towers With a Clear Distance

The matchup between ALBA Berlin and Ülker Istanbul at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin on Wednesday night was more than a game. It was a statement against the divisive politics of U.S. President Donald Trump.

In a 94-73 victory, ALBA Berlin showed that it is bigger than any building. The players and fans alike made it clear that they stand together against racism, xenophobia, and bigotry.

“We wanted to win this game for all the people who don’t have a voice,” said tournament MVP Malcolm Delaney after the game. “For all of the refugees and immigrants who are being treated bad right now. This is for them.”

Trump has been an outspoken opponent of immigration and refugees, signing executive orders to ban travel from some Muslim-majority countries and to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. His policies have been met with protests around the world, including inside American sports stadiums.

But on Wednesday night, it was in Berlin where Trump was sent a message loud and clear.

ALBA Berlin Shows Precisely How Far Trump Towers Is From Rivers Casino

On a recent visit to Europe, President Donald Trump stopped in Berlin to take in a view of the city from the roof of Trump Tower. The president was joined by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who showed him around the property.

While in Berlin, Trump also visited the nearby rivers casino, which is just minutes away from his tower. Commenting on the visit, Trump said that it was great to see how far his tower was from the casino. “It’s really great to see how far my tower is from the casino,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll be needing that trip after all.”

Chancellor Merkel seemed to share the president’s sentiment, noting that the casino was “a bit too close for comfort.” She went on to say that she was glad that Trump Tower was situated so far away from the gambling establishment.

According to analysts, Trump Tower is about 20 miles away from Rivers Casino. While this may not seem like a huge distance, it’s actually quite far when compared to other properties in Berlin. In fact, many of the other buildings in the city are just a few blocks away from the casino.

When asked about this discrepancy, President Trump chalked it up to bad luck on behalf of Rivers Casino. “They must have been unlucky with their location,” he said. “I’m glad that we were able to get such a great spot for my tower.”

ALBA Berlin Wins Battle of the Distances Against Trump Towers

In a matchup of two titans, ALBA Berlin outlasted Trump Towers in a battle of the distances.

The ALBA Berlin players were determined to prove their mettle against the Trump Towers squad, and they did not disappoint. The game was close throughout, but ALBA’s superior shooting from beyond the arc gave them the edge they needed to pull out the victory.

Leading the way for ALBA was superstar guard John Wall, who scored 36 points on an impressive 14-of-20 shooting from the field. Wall was aided by his teammates, who all chipped in with key baskets when needed.

For Trump Towers, superstar forward Lebron James led the way with 26 points and 12 rebounds. Despite James’ best efforts, however, it wasn’t enough to overcome ALBA’s hot shooting.

With this victory, ALBA has firmly established themselves as one of the top teams in Europe. They will look to carry this momentum into their next matchup against FC Barcelona.